Instagram Success: 6 Simple Rules for Killing It

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Instagram success is a modern necessity for all artists, entrepreneurs and brands. Used successfully, Instagram can be a powerful marketing tool, especially for those in the visual sectors of beauty, fashion like photographers, creative artists and models.

So, how do you make people like you on Instagram? How do you spark their curiosity enough to inspire followers to leave a comment? Here are six brilliantly simple rules for killing it and achieving Instagram success.

Communicate a consistent brand tone.

Nothing turns Instagram users off quicker than a brand that seems to be all over the place with no clear direction.  Once you have an unmistakable brand identity in place, focus on creating a personal connection with your target market. Social media is all about creating a brand story that connects and resonates with your fans while attracting new ones. Post imagery inspiring enough to make their hearts swoon and lift that index finger to hit that like button.

Brand your Instagram bio.

Quickly communicate who you are and why you exist. Make it short and snappy. Don’t be afraid to add a little personality in there to stand out from the crowd.

Your image is everything.

Beautiful, personal and real imagery is an absolute must. Low-quality photos or pictures that don’t align with your brand identity are an absolute no-no. Every image must flow to tell a solid, enchanting and unchanging brand story.

Post at peak times for your followers.

If you upgraded to an Instagram business account, you could gain invaluable information on your followers via Instagram’s savvy app Insights. Pay attention to what time your followers are most active each day of the week, and which posts your followers liked the most so that you can tweak your social media strategy accordingly.

Hashtags are your new #bestfriend

These clever content labels will ensure your posts are more visible to your target audience who are actively searching and using these words online.

Make friends and influence people.

Invest the time to engage with other users who inspire you. Follow them, like their photos and make genuine, authentic comments to become a valued follower whose engagement will hopefully be reciprocated. Influence them with targeted content that’s impossible to swipe past and ignore. Discover more about becoming an influencer by subscribing to Belle & Company’s Artist List.