How to get an Agent

Belle & Company Miami


It takes balls to get agent. Firstly, you are an artist after all and not a sales person. You’re a sensitive creative. It’s not easy putting your self forward to be judged. 

Effort typically precedes grace. So it may not be easy but by following these 10 guidelines on how to get an agent, in addition to being consistent, there is proven success.

  1.  Do your homework. The right contact is important. Get a name if you can. Use LinkedIn. Don’t misspell it!
  2. Read the ‘About Us’ section for insight into the agency, the owner(s)/founder(s), know who you’re talking to.
  3. Communicate.  Call. You can try. Know what you want to say. Be kind to the receptionist who can give you valuable information and influence the agent into taking the call.
  4. Email. Be thoughtful with this. Your e-masterpiece of mail will showcase everything visually in an instant. We are dealing with visually creative people. Keep it simple, short and clear. Include links.
  5. Make sure your website is top line. This is your brand, showcasing your work, your taste – what does it say? Is it easy to reach you? If there’s any interest, a good agent will look at your site and quickly make a decision if they’re interested in moving forward.
  6. Same goes for social media.
  7. Are you a pro or homemade? Hire someone to help you if you can’t do it yourself. Keep it consistent, size imagery, add links, show clearly what you have to offer and how to reach you.
  8. Understand that an Agent is running a for-profit business. Are you coming in a polished package ready to be presented to high-end clients? Are you bringing clients? Or are you struggling to put it all together and expecting them to do it for you?
  9. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Agents switch agencies, new clients arrive looking for specific things. Add their emails to your mailing list.
  10. Trust your gut. Try not to allow your desire to have an agent, overcome choosing the right one. Talk to different agents and be selective. This is an important relationship for your career and how much money you can make. Choose wisely.